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Zither - 12 String by Umaji Creations

Made in the Byron Bay / Mullumbimby area, this masterly crafted zither plays beautifully when plucked, or tapped lightly with small sticks, much like a santoor or hammer dulcimer. The sound resembles both western and oriental folk styles and is especially angelic when strummed up or down the full range of strings. Now acoustic/electric as standard, it may be easily employed for recordings and on-stage performances without the issue or feedback or unwanted noise. If a small amount or reverb or delay is added, this zither especially comes onto its own. Easy to play in a variety of styles and highly recommended by our team, and a favourite among our customers. All solid timber top and body, and strung with Chinese Zither Guzheng strings, easy on the fingers and the ear holes!

Sale price$495.00
Zither - 12 String by Umaji Creations
Zither - 12 String by Umaji Creations Sale price$495.00