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Umaji Creations 16-String Acoustic Electric Double Harp

This is a locally made variation of the kamelan ngoni, a close relative of the 21-string West African kora. Traditionally made from a naturally sourced large gourd or calabash, this version features a wooden bowl resonator with a wooden top, wooden bridge, neck and modern geared  Gotoh machine heads for easy tuning. Often referred to as a double harp, It is played with the thumbs and index fingers of both hands while holding the handles with the remaining fingers. Being one of our more popular items and currently exclusive to Son of Drum, it is light weight and easy to handle and produces an angelic sound reminescent of the celtic folk harp. It also includes a Fishman Isys preamp pickup system for electric / acoustic applications. Tuning is diatonic F major. New photo pending.

Sale price$965.00