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Shamanic Medicine Drum - Animal Skin 18''

Fabricated with a plywood shell, and skin sourced from a real animal carcass (usually pig or deer), this frame-type drum comes with a soft felt beater and is often used around a fire in ceremony. During times of high humidity, it will benefit by being warmed slightly to achieve optimal tension. During drier times, this is not usually necessary. Animal skin drums such as this need to be cared for to ensure they are not exposed to high or extreme heat. So if you plan on having it in your vehicle during summer you'll need to ensure it is well insulated and out of the reach of direct sunlight. If well looked after, it should last many years at least. It is best to have a padded bag or thick blanket to wrap it in.
Sale price$259.00
Son of drum - Shamanic Medicine Drum - Animal Skin 18''
Shamanic Medicine Drum - Animal Skin 18'' Sale price$259.00