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Remo Ocean Drum

The Ocean Drum recreates the soothing sounds of both rolling and crashing waves. An incredibly versatile instrument, the Ocean Drum features an Acousticon Ideal for Health and Wellness, Recreational, educational, and professional sound effect applications. 

It is also a professional quality double-sided frame drum that can be played with hands or mallets, and can be used as a shaker.

  • Plain: 12" Ocean drum. Pre-tuned. Two headed drums with metal beads inside. 2½" depth. Plain head.
  • Plain: 16" Ocean drum with Comfort Sound Technology®. 2½" depth. Pre-tuned. Two headed drum with metal beads inside which recreates ocean sound effects when tilted or shaken. Quiet, cushioned interior shell. Easy to clean. Plain head.
  • Nightwaves: 16" Nightwaves Ocean drum. Pre-tuned. An incredibly versatile instrument, featuring an Remo Acousticon®  shell. Black
  • Green and clean Green And Clean products are designed to withstand disinfection protocols in medical environments where infection control is a concern. The entire drum is designed for easy cleaning, with a hospital-grade disinfectant wipe or spray, without degrading the finish or sound quality.
  • Lullaby Ocean drum The Lullaby Ocean Disc® features a soft, comfortable playing surface combined with a padded interior shell which provides a gentle whooshing, womb-like sound soft enough to soothe a baby to sleep. Designed specifically for use with premature babies and the First Sounds: Rhythm, Breath & Lullaby Program. Research demonstrating its benefits has been published in Pediatrics, The Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and featured on the front page of The New York Times.
Color:12" Aquatic Themed Head
Sale price$149.00
Son of drum - Remo Ocean Drum 12" Aquatic themed head
Remo Ocean Drum Sale price$149.00

Customer Reviews

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Sensational Sounds

Absolutely amazing. Exceeded my expectations. It makes such a powerful impact at my breathwork events. Beautiful sound and can be played quietly or loudly.