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Practitioner Sound Healing Chimes / Pipes by Evolve Within

These have been designed by a Sound Healing Therapist specifically for practitioners to maximise healing for themselves and their client. 

These have been made with love and tuned within 10cents.
The handle is made from Tasmania oak.
The resonance of the pipes is equal to that of the more fragile crystal pipes.
Portable and easy to use.

The set of 8 allows the Practitioner to incorporate for healing:

  • 6 Triads, being three notes.
  • 10 Protocols, that uses a combination of notes, in a sequence
  • 7 Intervals, using two notes for harmonising or dissonance
  • Chakra system showing Vedic and Tibetan, and,
  • Soul star

What you receive:

  • A set of 8 Practitioner Healing Chimes/Pipes
  • A mallet/striker
  • A Teal satin cloth to roll them in
  • A teal carry bag for easy of transport
  • A set of instruction sheets - This is 2 double sided laminated sheets included in the purchase of these healing Chimes. Clearly listing the various notes and associated benefit.

These can be used by:

  • Holding the handle to swing over the client on a massage table or floor. 
  • They can be fanned over the client or drawing figure 8 over the client biofiled.
  • Both handles can be held to use as a chime bar, after the chimes have been activated. 
  • The chimes can be wound, activated, and then unwind or spin themselves, singing delivering the frequency to the clients biofield. 
  • See video for brief demo.

They are metal chimes that have been hand polished and coated with an anti rust lacquer. They are tuned to within 10cents, mostly 5 cents.

The set in the bag with the striker weighs about 1.4kg

Sale price$565.00
Practitioner Sound Healing Chimes / Pipes by Evolve Within
Practitioner Sound Healing Chimes / Pipes by Evolve Within Sale price$565.00

Customer Reviews

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Most beautiful Chimes with clear notes, long resonance and durable

I have found the most beautiful chimes, lovingly handmade by family owned Evolve Within. In 432Hz frequency. Beautiful Sound Healing instrument that has long resonance, crystal clear notes and so much more durable than crystal. Thank you, they are beautiful