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Pod Shaker

These pod shakers are a version of West Africa's maracas. These shakers offer a pleasantly soft percussive sound, reminiscent of an egg shaker, yet possessing more distinctiveness and volume.

Crafted in Ghana from Swawa tree pods, these shakers provide a satisfying feel in the hand, boasting a well-balanced design. They are traditional maracas, skillfully fashioned from Swawa tree gourds found in the Northern regions of Ghana. Once the gourds have dried, children gather them from the ground. The elders then hollow them out and fill them with orange pebbles sourced from the iron-rich soil of the Sahel region.

Thanks to their robust and thick nature, the pods are incredibly durable, producing beautiful sandy sounds that resonate. The approximate dimensions are 27cm in length, 6cm in width, and 6cm in height.

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Son of drum - Pod Shaker
Pod Shaker Sale price$27.00