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Lumi PRO Rechargable LED Glow Poi Balls - Ball Shape

The LUMI LED Glow Poi 2.0 are designed locally here in Australia and feature 24 different single or multi-colour modes at your choice of 6 different speeds. They are one of our most popular products at Son of Drum, and even though they don't make music as such, they are certainly fun to play along with to your favourite tunes!

These Glow Poi balls have been upgraded and are now rechargeable via a USB port, making them convenient for travel. You can enjoy uninterrupted fun with these improved poi!

These Glow Poi balls are designed for play, featuring exceptionally bright LEDs with 24 exciting colour modes and a 6-speed selection setting, all in one package.

Built for durability, these poi balls can withstand rough handling and drops, and we've made them lightweight and soft to minimise impact when they come into contact with you.

Sale price$75.00