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Hokema Sansula Kalimba

The Kalimba is a musical instrument with metal tines that you play by plucking them with your thumbs. It's commonly found in various shapes and versions across Africa. The sound of the tines is made louder in different ways, such as through a resonator or a hollow object like a calabash, or even just a piece of solid wood.

The Sensual is an innovative twist on the Kalimba. Instead of directly amplifying the tine vibrations, the sound is first stored in a wooden block and then transferred to a resonating membrane. This results in a much longer and sustained sound compared to other methods of amplification.


  • A minor Pentatonic 9 Tone basic (A - C - C -A - A - F - E - E -B )
  • A minor 440Hz Pentatonic 9 Tone Renaissance with Remo skin (A - C - C - A - A - F - E - E - B)
  • G major Melody 11 tone Renaissance with Remo skin ( G - A - E - D - C -G - D -G F# - B - A)


  • Membrane material: cellulose 
  • Dimensions: 198 x 155 x 67 cm 
  • Weight: 320g 
Sale price$249.00 Regular price$279.00
Son of drum - Hokema Sansula Kalimba A minor Pentatonic 9 Tone basic
Hokema Sansula Kalimba Sale price$249.00 Regular price$279.00

Customer Reviews

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Julie P
Highly recommend

It has an amazing sound, fits perfectly in my hands, and is easy to play to produce a decent tune.