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The Marine Band Deluxe takes the timeless sound of the Marine Band 1896 harmonica and brings it into the modern era with a range of enhancements that ensure greater volume and faster response. These improvements are carefully designed to maintain the signature rich and powerful sound that HOHNER is known for.
Key Features:

  • Improved cover design gives greater volume and stability while preventing reed rattle.

  • Completely assembled with screws for easy maintenance.

  • Pear wood comb is triple-lacquered, minimising swelling and ensuring greater volume and faster response.

  • Reed plate edges and channel openings with new Ultra glide coating are rounded off for greater playing comfort.

  • Sturdy zipper case allows moisture to evaporate while keeping dust out.

Origins of the HOHNER Marine Band:
In 1896, Jacob HOHNER introduced a new harmonica design by filing a patent application in New York. Little did anyone anticipate the profound impact this innovation would have on the future of music. Originally conceived as a folk instrument, the Marine Band harmonica went on to significantly shape the evolution of blues, folk, rock, and pop music. This impact was especially evident in the USA, where the harmonica gained popularity among African Americans who harnessed unique playing techniques to create new forms of musical expression, ultimately giving rise to the blues genre.

The Marine Band harmonica played a pivotal role in the music of blues legends like Little Walter Jacobs, Sonny Boy Williamson I & II, Big Walter Horton, Sonny Terry, Jimmy Reed, and Big Mama Thornton. While deeply intertwined with the blues, the Marine Band wasn't limited to this genre alone. It was also favored by artists such as Johnny Cash, John Lennon, and Bob Dylan.

From humble beginnings, the Marine Band harmonica became an instrument of the people, played in a myriad of settings ranging from back porches to street corners to grand concert halls. It played a crucial part in the success of numerous hit records, contributed to TV and film soundtracks, and even found its way into literature. This small yet astonishingly powerful instrument continues to shape the popular perception of the harmonica, remaining a quintessential piece of musical culture. It's worth noting that all Marine Band harmonicas are crafted in Germany. 

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HOHNER MARINE BAND DELUXE Sale price$101.00 Regular price$145.00