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High Spirits - Spirit Flute Traditional - F#

The High Spirits 440 Hz Traditional flute in the key 'F#' minor is handcrafted from Spanish Cedar, a softwood that gives the flute a deep and rich musical voice, with warm high notes, and firm low notes.

The short and streamline design of this flute makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. Moreover, the abbreviated mouthpiece design serves to minimise moisture accumulation and provides ample back-pressure, enhancing the clarity of higher register notes. Measuring at approximately 17 inches (about 43 cm) in length, this flute boasts a harmonious blend of form and function.

Featuring a configuration of six holes, the flute comes with a leather hole cover, conveniently positioned at the third hole from the top as illustrated in the product images. This thoughtful inclusion facilitates an easier learning experience, and the leather cover can be swiftly untied and removed, granting players the choice to engage with the instrument as a five or six hole flute at their discretion.

Size: 17 inches (about 43 cm) in length

Sale price$335.00



Each flute is eligible for our free “Beginner/ Intermediate How-To-Play” instruction, which includes an instructional booklet with fingering charts. 

You can also get an online version and download it by clicking the link just below. 


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