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High Spirits - Spirit Flute 432Hz Bass - E

The Spirit Flute 432 Hz EarthTone bass flute in the key of 'E' minor is handcrafted from Spanish Cedar, a softwood that gives the flute a rich bass voice, warm high notes, and the flexibility to serve as both a contemplative bass flute and a captivating lead instrument.

The 49 cm (19.25 inch) length makes this one of the shortest High Spirits bass flutes, which allows the possibility for those with smaller hands to play this deeper-toned flute.

The short mouthpiece is convenient for travel, it provides ample back-pressure to accentuate clarity on the higher register notes and minimises moisture buildup.

Adorned with Rainbow Moonstone cabochons, the flute's inlay showcases engravings representing the geometric pattern of the 432 Hz frequency when expressed in sand vibrations.

High Spirit flutes are sealed with non-toxic oils, which gives them a warm, resonant and full voice.

This is a six hole flute. A leather hole cover is included with this flute, which can be used on the third hole from the top of the flute. Covering the third hole from the top makes the flute easier to learn to play. The leather hole cover can easily be untied and removed, giving the flute player the option of playing the instrument as either a five hole flute or a six hole flute.

The flute is tuned in the key of E minor at 432 Hz and includes the relative major key of G at 432 Hz.

Size: 49 cm in length (19.25 inch)

Sale price$499.00
Son of drum - High Spirits - Spirit Flute 432Hz Bass - E
High Spirits - Spirit Flute 432Hz Bass - E Sale price$499.00



Each flute is eligible for our free “Beginner/ Intermediate How-To-Play” instruction, which includes an instructional booklet with fingering charts. 

You can also get an online version and download it by clicking the link just below. 


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