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Folk Harp - 22 String Lever Tuning & Bag

The 22-string folk harp has plain sides for a more understated look. The rounded curvature of the soundboard's rear ensures a powerful resonance and a rich, complete tonal quality. Crafted for durability, the folk harp incorporates robust cam-style sharpening levers, enabling swift tuning adjustments. With a span of 22 strings covering a remarkable range of 3 octaves, this instrument offers a diverse selection of musical pieces.

Key Features:
  • 22 strings providing a 3-octave span
  • Stands at a height of 27 inches
  • Ideal for intermediate musical compositions and practice routines
  • Note range spans from C3 to C6
  • Comes with a soft gig bag for added protection during transport
  • Equipped with cam-style sharpening levers for convenient tuning modifications
  • Tuning Approach: The tuning methodology for Celtic harps follows a Diatonic system, adhering to a Major Scale. Commencing from the lower register, the strings are tuned as follows: C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D-E, and so forth.

Following the tuning procedure, all C notes should align with the RED strings, while F notes should correspond with the BLUE strings.
Sale price$1,260.00
Folk Harp
Folk Harp - 22 String Lever Tuning & Bag Sale price$1,260.00