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Boss Bass Driver Pedal BB1X

The BOSS BB-1X Bass Driver is a top-tier stompbox designed to give your bass a bold and punchy character. It's more than just a regular compact bass pedal; it functions as a preamp, a crucial element in crafting high-quality sound. This pedal captures the nuances of your bass, amp, and playing style, enhancing their best attributes.

With BOSS' advanced MDP technology, the BB-1X offers a broad spectrum of superior tones, ranging from clean and natural to heavy distortion. It adapts to your playing style and range while maintaining the core tone of your instrument. Its natural-sounding distortion preserves the intricate details of your sound.

The BB-1X enhances your sound's clarity without dampening the low end. The Blend knob lets you fine-tune your tone by mixing the direct and effect signals. The Low, High, and Drive knobs provide extensive sound-shaping capabilities, influencing both frequencies and tonal characteristics.

Beyond a regular DI out, the BB-1X's Line Out jack offers an enhanced direct sound for larger audiences through a PA system. The "1X" in the pedal's name signifies its premium appearance, sound, and feel. Whether you're refining your standard tone or adding flair for soloing, the BB-1X Bass Driver is an essential tool for modern bassists.

Sale price$349.00
Boss Bass Driver Pedal BB1X
Boss Bass Driver Pedal BB1X Sale price$349.00