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Article: The Healing Power of Sound with Annie Ridgway

The Healing Power of Sound with Annie Ridgway

Annie Ridgway workshop

Learn everything about the therapeutic benefits of shamanic instruments and their role in sound healing during one of the many workshop organised by Annie Ridgway.  

Annie Ridgway, from Lakshmi Sound Healing, is the original pioneer who set up and taught the first Sound Healing Courses with the Sound Healing Academy in Australia; initially in the Blue Mountains, Melbourne, Brisbane and now in Byron Bay.

She has trained all of the Sound Healing Academy Teachers in Australasia as well as design most of the high-quality courses available.

Annie has over 15 years experience in facilitating workshops; including: Voice, Mantra and all of the Sound Healing Academy courses. She has a vast amount of experience and a highly refined skill set.

Whether, you want to begin your new direction in learning how to become a sound healing practitioner or you simply want a beautiful transformative experience to learn how to reduce stress and anxiety through sound & reset yourself into health and wellbeing... that you can share with friends and family…

Come and learn from one of the best!

View academy of sound healing workshop

View Lakshmi sound healing workshop 

"Annie is a powerhouse - her knowledge and experience is extensive. A top notch Sound Healer who takes her students to a whole different level. Give us More!" - Alexandra

You can come and try all the sound healing instrument Annie Ridgway uses during her workshop directly at the Son of Drum Shop: Crystal bowl, Wuhan wind gong, shamanic frame drum, Tibetan singing bowl, and so much more.

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