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Monolina by Evolve Within - 333 Ascended Masters B2 (A2, A#2, B2 to C3 Range)

Sale price$2,500.00

The Monolina, crafted by Evolve Within, features a sustainably sourced construction with a top and feet made from Tasmania Oak. It also includes an internal string board, hardwood soundboard on the top and bottom, radiata pine sides, and an internal soundboard bridge. The instrument is adorned with Abalone shell inlay.

These Monolinas are meticulously handcrafted locally, and their creation is a collaborative effort. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, from wood cutting to stringing, a sacred chant is sang with words and mantras. 

Each Monolina holds a hidden prayer within the instrument. Sacred geometry, mantras, and sacred symbols adorn the instrument, which become can only be clearly visible when the bottom sound board is removed. The message for each specific Monolinas will be noted down so the buyer can read it without taking the bottom board off. 

Size: B2 medium Monolina 110 high resonating chamber 






In the box:

  • 1 Monolina
  • A teal satin dust cover for the top.

In the teal satin pouch is:

  • 3 spare strings
  • 1 white string – used to put over pegs to keep track of which pegs has been tuned.
  • 1 screwdriver. This is used to unscrew the bottom feet and base sound board for replacing strings.
  • A little card noting the prayer / message written in your monolina


Do not use any cleaning or chemicals on the strings.
The strings are a Phosphor Bronze. The best way to clean them is by getting a microfibre dust cloth to wipe the strings after use and wash your hands prior to use. 


The Monolina is super easy to play, and will hum when you connect with the instrument. Simply strum the strings, in one direction. When one hand almost finished strumming then get the other hand ready to start. Use the index finger or try other digits to see which sounds best. You can also strum in the same place or skate your fingers across but staying at the one direction. As you connect and the instrument starts to sing, then you can go at whatever speed you want. SlowING down when fading the instrument out will allow the sustained resonance to fill the ether with the instrument’s energy before introducing another instrument. 

The Monolina is designed to be played on the floor or table, on its feet. The instrument is also strong enough and stable enough to play on its side, even lengthways upright. 

When using the instrument on the body, please be mindful of placement.


Anne Mouland from Evolve Within offers private handpan lessons of Monolina and other sound healing instrument (please enquire), or sign up to our upcoming group tutorial workshops!