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MattOpan - Nitrided Steel Handpan by Matt Ostila, Northern Rivers, Australia

MattOpan handpans are designed and built by an established musician who, by trade, understands the quality standards that underpin a great instrument, and that the integrity of the sound is paramount. Their design prioritises the integrity of sound, recognising its paramount importance. MattOpan handpans have been meticulously tailored to deliver exquisitely smooth harmonics and an unparalleled, resonant bass. The meticulous process of tuning each fundamental note, along with its octave and harmonic, ensures heightened note strength and stability.

Constructed entirely from Australian steel, MattOpan handpans undergo multiple rigorous heat treatments to optimise sound resonance and longevity. These treatments bestow rust resistance and tuning stability, resulting in a handpan that is a masterful fusion of artistry and durability. The thermal fluctuations contribute to distinct colour variations among handpans, with individual pieces manifesting as rich bronze, luminous blue, or deep black. Each handpan boasts its own distinctive hue and character, facilitating a swift bond and a unique language between the player and their instrument.

What's Included:

Case: 2kg  
Equipped with backpack-style shoulder straps for effortless portability, sturdy zippers, and a steel inner lining for safeguarding the note side of the handpan.


Sale price$1,795.00