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High Spirits Golden Eagle F# Flute - Walnut w/Turquoise Inlay

The High Spirits Golden Eagle Flute is a Native American style flute handcrafted from domestic walnut and tuned to the key of F# minor. It is treated with non-toxic oils that bestow upon it a clear and radiant tonal quality, particularly pronounced in its higher notes. This flute is inlaid with turquoise cabochons which add to the natural beauty of the wooden flute.

Tuned to the evocative key of "F?" minor, this flute also boasts the ability to be played in the relative major diatonic scale, transposing to the key of "A".

It also features 6 holes and comes with a small leather cover that allows you to use it as a 5-hole flute where needed. This strategic positioning of the cover on the third hole simplifies the learning curve, with the option to easily untie and remove it.

Notably, the sturdiness of this hardwood makes it ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and backpacking, ensuring durability and longevity. Distinguished by its deeper tonal character compared to the Red Tail Hawk model, it offers a unique auditory experience.

Size: 22.5 inches (57.15 cm)

Sale price$479.00



Each flute is eligible for our free “Beginner/ Intermediate How-To-Play” instruction, which includes an instructional booklet with fingering charts. 

You can also get an online version and download it by clicking the link just below. 


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