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RAV Vast – E Low Pygmy


The E Low Pygmy is a black pearl in the whole collection of the RAV Vasts. What makes the E Low Pygmy so special compared to other scales? It has a really low mystic sound that reminds of a starry night in the middle of the African savannah. The sound of the E Low Pygmy is much deeper than of the other RAV’s so it even may sound like a completely different instrument. The tongues are tuned in notes of 2nd, 3rd and 4th octave giving the musician a room for creating various compositions.

This scale will be a great choice for beginners and experienced musicians as well. This refers to both handpan players and non-percussionists who are searching for a new sound and are eager to try something new.

The E Low Pygmy provides a great opportunity to unlock the potential and challenge yourself to try something totally new. It’s a great instrument to enter a jam session, preferable of higher-end instruments like mandolin or ukulele.

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