Djembes, Percussion and Musical Instruments Now at Murwillumbah!

That’s right kids, you can now pick up some quality Son of Drum gear at Tweed Creative Studios1/19 Buchanan St, Murwillumbah, NSW 2484
They also have guitar accessories such as strings, leads, straps and picks as well as some bizarre art pieces and an eclectic array of collectible oddities scavenged by Kev the resident Junk Yard Dog. Upstairs there are offices and studios available for rent and a good sized acoustic band practice room. Contact Chana at TCS for more info.

Son of Drum instruments available – Various Djembes, soprano ukuleles, cajons, ankle bracelets, cabasa, didgeridoo, drum stool, drum rutes, maracas, ocean drums, kalimba, mini gong set, rainsticks, metal performance shaker, shakere, tambourine, vibroslap, wicker shakers, tongue drum, happy tank drums, mini xylophone, ukulele case and stands, djembe bag and cases.