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Travel Doo Pro Didgeridoo by Dr Didge Dolphin



Product Description


The Travel Doo Pro is made from carbon fibre with aluminium fittings and sliders and a wooden mouthpiece. It allows didge players to play a full octave key range from low G# – high C. It expands the didgeridoo capacity from a single note to an all in one instrument. The travel doo consists of 7 pieces ( 3 aluminium sliders and 4 carbon fibre body parts ) and can be played in 25 different configurations and more than a 100 different key options. It weighs 4 kg including a 60 cm water resistant bag. It’s sound is full, resonant and has great back pressure making it easy to play toots in all keys. Fun for all ages and great for players at any level. It will expand your didge experience and has the capacity to take you to the next level!


Travel Doo config leaflet - Page 2


Travel Doo config leaflet - Page1

Additional Information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 58 x 22 x 22 cm